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  • Right Dose of CBD

    How To Find The Right Dose Of CBD

    So you’ve taken the plunge and bought some CBD – but how much of the stuff should you actually take? As with many things in the world of health and wellness, there really is no exact science behind CBD dosages; what works for you might not work for your friend, and the ideal dosage can [...] More
  • Not all CBD is created equal - CBD Lab Test

    Four Reasons Why Not All CBD Is Created Equal

    From Extraction To Concentration: Four Reasons Why Not All CBD Is Created Equal As we learn more about the various health and wellness benefits of regular CBD consumption, one thing quickly becomes clear — there are now an almost unlimited variety of CBD product types, concentrations and purities available on the market. And while we can …

  • Gentle Bro eslite shop blog

    What’s New At Gentle Bro: New Launches, Organic Certifications & An Exclusive Pop-Up Store

    While we’re all about keeping it gentle here at Gentle Bro, we’ve actually been pretty busy over the last few months – and we’re now ready to share the results of our hard work! We’ve listened to your feedback and have been beavering away on some exciting developments that we think that you’ll love. From [...] More
  • why-isnt-my-cbd-working

    Why Isn’t My CBD Working?

    Thanks to all the media buzz currently surrounding CBD, it can sometimes seem like there’s no end to its magical powers. But what if you’ve started taking CBD and notice absolutely zero effects whatsoever? There can actually be several factors behind the efficacy of CBD and whether or not it works for you. In this [...] More
  • CBD 101 - all you need to know about CBD in Hong Kong

    CBD 101: What Is CBD, How Is It Made & What Does It Do?

    You may have heard a lot of buzz around CBD in Hong Kong over recent months – but what exactly is CBD, and how does it work? Explore its main uses and benefits, and the most common queries.

  • gentle bro uses US hemp that brings health benefits of CBD to Hong Kong.

    3 Great Health Benefits Of CBD: Self-Care, The Gentle Bro Way

    Here at Gentle Bro, we’re huge advocates of the many benefits that CBD can bring to your life. From reduced stress to pain relief, CBD products can make a truly dramatic difference to your overall health and wellbeing.

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