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About Us

CBD Wellness Store in Hong Kong

We all need to slow down sometimes.

We all need to breathe deeply, to find our balance, to feel that joy. In our busy cities, hectic lifestyles and trying times, a life unexamined isn’t fully lived – and we all need to locate that inner calm, embrace an even keel and make time for ourselves.

Our philosophy? Don’t stress – keep it gentle.

Here at Gentle Bro, we make all-natural CBD products, which can help you keep things low-key in the best possible way. Our supplements are scientifically-proven to alleviate those everyday hitches – lowering stress, easing anxiety, relieving pain and helping you get a good night’s sleep.

We understand exactly where you’re coming from, because we were there once too – and CBD changed our lives.

Gentle Bro CBD is from US Hemp farm

CBD is a plant-based superfood, an all-natural substance that comes straight from the soil and organically metabolises within your body. We believe that the cannabis plant is one of nature’s most important remedies; by harnessing its purest properties through cannabidiol (CBD), we’re giving you all its enriching benefits, without the intoxicating effects of THC.

This is CBD at its most real, clean and simple. Whether it’s softgels or gummies, topical creams or oil, or even a chilled little treat for your pet, our goods specialise in delivering the goods – resulting in experiences that are pleasant, effective and always safe.

As the first-ever Hong Kong brand to bring USDA certified organic CBD products to the city, we have partnered with small-batch American hemp growers to ensure that all our ingredients are fully tested and free of nasties. We’re proud to go that step further, painstakingly removing unwanted elements like pesticides, pigments, chlorophyll and THC & CBN traces – ensuring that our final products are as pure as possible.

About Gentle Bro

At Gentle Bro, we believe in total transparency in everything we do – because when it comes down to it, it’s all about what’s going on inside you. Our goal is to empower you to function at your fullest, through daily wellness rituals that aid rest and relaxation – allowing you to live your best possible life.

With CBD on your side, you’ll feel good, work great and always sleep well.

Our personal commitment to our customers means we’re driven to deliver excellence. We’re constantly adapting to a science that’s evolving every day, working tirelessly to improve our process and promote true, unadulterated health across your mind and body, the Gentle Bro way.

You deserve the best – and at Gentle Bro, we’re here to make that happen, transforming the self-care landscape through creatively crafted products that combine quality, clarity and wellbeing.

Make time for yourself and keep it gentle.

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